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What I will do is listen to my constituents and be your voice in my City Council position.  I can’t solve the crime problem alone.  I can and will passionately and consistently bring the issues to the table and I will hold the City’s feet to the fire for solving these cyclical issues that have gone on too long.  Also, everyone in the City has to do their part to join boards and commissions and to become a part of the ways in which we can create a dialogue as opposed to continuing the monologue that currently exists between myself, my constituents and the City.  I will caution that anyone who says that they can “solve” the crime problem is making a promise that seriously cannot be kept.  What I can do is improve communication, improve accountability, recommend new rules and regs and most importantly, do what we already know works and tell the truth when something isn’t working and needs to be changed.  Retention of our police and other First Responders is key.

District 9 is not without its own issues as the southern side of the district south of central sits at the end of the bus line at Tramway and Wenonah.  With that brings more homeless to the area and an issue of pedestrian safety. There are several motels in the area that bring many calls for service. and lately Homicides, the voucher system is supposed to help those in need of shelter but I believe that there are those who misuse the voucher system and crime are committed, but due to the fact that some Motels don't take identification  in lieu of the voucher it's difficult for Law Enforcement to sometimes find the offender(s)  when crimes are committed. Drugs, vagrancy and encampments plague our parks making it feel unsafe for people to enjoy. Being homeless is not against the law but crime is. We also have areas where drag racing has been the norm for years but these areas are now populated with homes, businesses and parks and now poses a serious threat to public safety and is also very loud late in the evening. All these areas have been identified by the people of this district that live in and around these hotspots and have for years voiced their complaints only to fall on deaf ears and a slow moving process. It is time for change.

Albuquerque already has Shotspotter, a "gunshot detection system" being implemented in areas but we can go one step further by adding what's called "POD" or Police Observation Device. Not all crimes involve a gun and Police cannot be everywhere at all times. That's where POD comes into play. In July of 2003, the Chicago Police Department unveiled a revolutionary pilot program using specially developed and customized technology aimed at reducing crime in Chicago’s most violence prone communities. Imagine a call comes in where there is a crime in progress, it will take time between the call being dispatched and the Officer(s) arriving. With POD the area is already being Surveilled and Police arriving will have a head start and a better chance of solving a crime where there might not be many physical witnesses. And when it come to racing there is SPEED CAM strategically set up in the areas where most racing happens data will be collected on the racers but before implementing these processes State law must be in place to back any City Ordinance or it will be a waste of time.

I believe these are tools we can use and I will seek the funding  press the legislature to update laws and close loopholes and fight for what it takes to make our communities safer. 


Committee to Elect Byron Powdrell
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